Ancient Hill Winery

Welcome to Ancient Hill Winery

Tucked away in the picturesque landscapes of Lake Country, BC, Ancient Hill Winery is a family-owned boutique gem that offers an intimate glimpse into the art of winemaking. With a rich history and a dedication to traditional techniques, this winery prides itself on creating small-batch wines that are as unique and compelling as the land they come from. Ancient Hill's rustic charm and intimate atmosphere invite visitors to step back in time and enjoy the simple elegance of vineyard life.

Ancient Hill Winery Lake Country BC

Wine Highlights

Every bottle from Ancient Hill Winery tells a story of heritage, passion, and the delicate balance of flavors that can only be achieved through meticulous care and attention to detail. Here are some of our must-try wines:

  • Baco Noir: A robust and richly flavored red, with notes of dark berries and a hint of oak.
  • Lemberger: Known for its distinctive spice, this red wine offers a smooth finish and a bouquet of blackberry and pepper.
  • Gewürztraminer: A fragrant white with a floral nose, delivering a palate of lychee, rose petal, and a touch of sweetness.
  • Pinot Gris: Crisp and refreshing, this wine showcases the subtle complexity of orchard fruits with a clean finish.
  • Riesling: Light and zesty, with a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity, revealing flavors of lemon and green apple.
Ancient Hill Wine Tasting

Dining and Amenities

While Ancient Hill Winery does not feature a full-service restaurant, it champions the picnic experience. Visitors are encouraged to bring their own culinary creations and enjoy them on the winery's scenic grounds, offering panoramic views of the Okanagan Valley. This approach allows guests to personalize their visit, creating the perfect pairing with Ancient Hill's exquisite wines.

Visit The Winery

Nestled just a short distance from the urban centers of Kelowna and Vernon, Ancient Hill Winery provides an easy escape to the tranquility of wine country:

  • From Downtown Kelowna: Approximately 15 minutes' drive, a quick and scenic route into the heart of Lake Country.
  • From Vernon: About a 30-minute drive, transporting you to the serene landscapes that surround our winery.
Ancient Hill Experience

Additional Features

Ancient Hill Winery is more than just a place to taste wine; it's a destination where visitors can immerse themselves in the winemaking process and the storied history of the region. Though we specialize in small, intimate experiences, our winery occasionally hosts events that showcase our wines and the beauty of our location. From vineyard tours that detail our winemaking journey to special tastings that explore the depth and breadth of our portfolio, Ancient Hill offers a personal touch that makes every visit memorable.

Experience the charm and tradition of Ancient Hill Winery, where every glass is a celebration of the past and a toast to the future.