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Welcome to, where our 15+ years of dedication have crowned us as Canada's leading wine tour company, offering a doorway to the exceptional wine-tasting adventures in the heart of Okanagan - Canada's wine country. As a family-owned entity, we take pride in crafting personalized journeys through Vernon, Kelowna, West Kelowna, Lake Country, and Shuswap, introducing wine lovers worldwide to the rich tapestry of vineyards that dot this prestigious region. Discover the essence of Okanagan with us, and immerse yourself in unparalleled wine experiences.

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Dive into the diverse wine landscapes of the Okanagan Valley with, where each sip narrates a story of tradition, passion, and the unique terroir. From the elegant boutique wineries in Vernon to the innovative vineyards of Kelowna, the serene beauty of Lake Country, and the adventurous spirit of Shuswap, our tours are your passport to exploring the finest wines Canada has to offer. Let us guide you through the vineyards that make Okanagan a must-visit destination for every wine aficionado.

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Choosing means embarking on a wine journey that goes beyond tasting. As Canada's largest wine tour operator, deeply rooted in the Okanagan Valley, we're passionate about creating lasting memories through immersive wine-touring experiences. Our commitment to personalization and our extensive knowledge of the region's wineries ensures your adventure with us is not just about discovering exquisite wines but about connecting with the heart of Okanagan's wine culture. Join us to savor the taste of excellence, where every tour is a story waiting to be told.

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Ready for an unforgettable wine-tasting adventure? is your ultimate companion in exploring the enchanting subregions of the Okanagan Valley. With just a click, embark on a journey filled with discoveries, excellence, and moments that will linger long after your glass is empty. Visit us now to book your next exploration, and let's raise a glass to the unforgettable journeys that await with Here, every tour is an invitation to discover the heart and soul of Canada's premier wine country.

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"We did the Lake Country's Fun Five Wineries tour and we were the only two on it. We were looked after and hosted like we were friends. Informative, friendly and great fun. Can recommend the lunch at O’Rourke Peak cellars - great pizza.The timings on the tour were spot on, not rushed and access to the wineries was smoothed out for us." - Doug C

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