Stagette Wine Tours

Stagette Wine Tours

Stagette Wine Tours in Vernon and the Okanagan

It has become very popular to have a customized wine tour either before or during the week surrounding the wedding date. These are very fun events and an opportunity for the wedding party and other friends to spend some time together when the stress of the big day is a little way off. Everyone gets to have a good visit with each other before the bride to be embarks on a new phase of her life.

Here at Mojo Tours we have specialized in small groups – so all our buses are fully equipped with a great audio system and the drivers all have headsets so that they can utilize the vehicles stereo system to inform the group about various wineries and the wines of each region. The other great advantage to this audio system is that it is easy for us to connect your iPod or phone to the system so that your group can enjoy your personalized playlist. Its your day so you should be able to enjoy your own tunes!

Another advantage is on online payment system that we have developed for our group organizers. This gives us the ability to develop your personalized itinerary (agree on numbers and price) then we send you a payment link. This enables the organizers to send the link to all participants who pay individually, the organizer doesn’t have to worry about collecting money. Or even having to put the entire bill on her own credit card and hope to collect for everyone. It was designed to make it easy on you the organizer – for our part we provide you with weekly updates as to who has signed up and you can follow up with people who have indicated that they want to participate but perhaps haven’t signed up yet.
Mojotours Customized Tours

Wineries like to have lots of notice for groups of any size and we make all the reservations and tasting fee requirements for you. New in the past couple of years are restriction on dress code for staggettes – no more boas or short shorts. Basically, no costume type things as they felt other customers at the wineries could be offended or intimidated by the size of the group. The group just needs to be respectful of the other clients at the various wineries. Wine touring is a great way to connect with your friends while seeing some of the regions greatest scenery and enjoying this great new wine touring destination.

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