Springtime Wine Tours!

Springtime Wine Tours!

Springtime Wine Tours with Mojo

We received lots of questions over the winter and spring about whether people can take a wine tour, what is open and available. The answer is the Winter and Spring is a great time to take wine tour for lots of reasons. My experience has been that the wineries are a lot less crowded and busy in the winter and springtime so staff have time to spend with you – talking about your taste in wines and perhaps sharing more information about the wines themselves that match your expressed palette in the wines. Are you a red person or a white?

Here is a red wine for white wine lovers, imagine!! All new ideas about what new discovery you can make in relation to the wines of this region. Once the full season hits – staff often just don’t have time for this personal exchange. Then of course there is just Spring – it is so wonderful in the Okangan. Lots of green, amazing views and
for us wine lovers there are the new releases!!

Do you remember the excitement there used to be when
Beaujolais Nouveau was released? Lots of hype but people lined up to get a bottle of this very light red wine – personally, I think they almost ruined the reputation of Beaujolais by doing that. But all the wineries release their new vintages in the spring – so there definitely is excitement in the air. It is fun to
see the changes the new vintage brings to this year’s offerings. Does your favorite from last year still measure up? Is a particular varietal showcasing well – this year? To me, is it just fun to see the changes that each year brings and remember… no crowds. So remember Spring is a special time – especially in Wine Country.

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