Mojo Wine Tours Turns 7!

Mojo Turns 7!

7 Years of Touring with Mojo

Participants on wine tour in Okanagan Valley, BC, Canada

This lovely group of ladies has been touring with us every year for the past 7 years!! Imagine that. The organizer always tries to see new wineries in different areas of the Okanagan, to date we have seen – Naramata, the Summerland Corkscrew Drive, the Kelowna Wineries. This year, we did some small interesting wineries in West Kelowna -2 of which I hadn’t seen before myself (I am a little embarrassed about that) Ciao Bella, where we started the day was a great hit with our group. Small Family owned, a beautiful person touch – even down to using pictures of their parents on their labels but it all fits so wonderfully. It was great to see them win the best of varietal “Pinot Noir” in this spring’s wine festival. Great to see that kind of effort paying off.

Our next stop was Kalala Wines – organic and again award-winning winery in West Kelowna – the group loved the fact that while the winemaker rarely tastes the wine he does most of his work by depending on the smell of the wine. This really drives home the importance of smell in our wine tasting world. Next, Lunch of course! and we had a delightful lunch at Red Fox at Indigenous Winery – the menu selection was great as was the service – couldn’t have asked for a better meal and relaxing stop.

We finished our day at The Hatch – great vibes and good wine to boot. The day was one to remember, but special thanks has to go out to these great client who became friends for sticking with every year for 7 years – we have seen some big changes in the wine industry together. Salut!!

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