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BC Wine Clubs

Wine bottles

Wineries now have wine clubs or memberships that allow you to purchase wines up to 10% off if you receive a case of wine from them yearly or semi-annually. Lots of people have questions about whether there is value in joining these wine clubs.

Personally, I belong to several – BC wine clubs that ship directly to my door and it gives me a chance to be able to recommend wines to my customers that I have had the chance to evaluate in the comfort of my own home – paired with a little complementary food to enhance the wines. But that is not really the reason that I like BC wine clubs so much, it is the excitement of having wines delivered right to my home. I love to discover what is new – which ones I like the best – how do they compare to last years vintage?

So it is the excitement of new discoveries that keeps me hooked. Sometimes the cases contain little treats – like this month’s shipment from Cedar Creek. A wonderful ice-wine. I am not a big ice-wine or even a dessert wine aficionado, so this is something I probably won’t
normally buy for myself. But now that I have it I dream of the guests I will have over to share it and what I should pair it with. An amazing cheese platter with some great blue cheeses or perhaps a dessert – would a chocolate pecan pie be a good pairing or not? Hmmm
The other treat is the bottle of “The Last Word” I have often gazed longingly at this bottle when I have brought guests to the winery. It is a little pricey for a last-minute purchase but now that I have it in my possession, I am thinking… perhaps just a romantic dinner at home with a couple of great filets.

Just the arrival of the box makes me start planning my little surprises for the month, so as you can tell I am a big fan of BC wine clubs. It is also nice because all of us will over time develop a favorite varietal. With your membership, the winery lets you know when they are released, and you get first dibs on ordering.

For me it is Trebianno from Hester Creek – it is one of my favorite white wines and since it often sells out this lets me ensure I have a supply for my summer guests. So, try a membership from one of your favorite wineries to start and if you like the service – add-on
others. It is a great way to enjoy our BC wines in the comfort of your own home.

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