The spirit of 50th Parallel Estate speaks to a designed wholeness of orchestrated experience: a spectacularly wonderful landscape mounted with modernistic, classically elegant architecture, serenely sighted on the land – personal places of private hospitality, and happily enriching experience, savoring the love of the land, the light, the water, the right combination of geological presences that also matches a special, meteorological alignment to other sites – PINOT wine-making conclaves – of the world.

50th Parallel EstateSahuri Partnership Architects have joined forces with Sheri-Lee and Curtis to embrace what is becoming truly one of the world’s iconic wine destinations, 50th Parallel Estate.

50th Parallel EstateIf you have not been to the estate yet, it’s certainly one to add to your list as fall 2014 saw the completion of the 10,000 sq-ft winery and wine caves, the third of five phases in this premier development. The winery is situated in the middle of the 61-acre estate, and is developed specifically for the purposes of gently handling sensitive Pinot Noir and a select few aromatic white wine varieties, utilizing the natural sloping grade of the site to gently process fruit by maximizing the use of gravity rather than mechanical pumping of the sensitive juice and skins.

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